Hire a 12 Yard Hire Farnborough - From Your Local Farnborough Skip Hire Experts

Within our list of extensive varied skip sizes at Skip Hire Farnborough, we encourage a 'maxi' 12 yard unit which is suitable for huge waste removal projects.

The 12 yard unit from Skip Hire Farnborough is ideal for the big projects and occasionally comes with a fixed lid to secure the contents within. The 12 yard skip available from Skip Hire Farnborough is convenient for varying kinds of garbage, among other things garden refuse and a variety of domestic refuse, timber and waste items.


Competitive Rates for 12 Yard Skip Hire in Farnborough and Hampshire

When you book a 12 yard tabula rasa from Skip Hire Farnborough, we will ensure the delivery of the unit to your designated location and offload the skip without the effort of intervention on your part.

Skip Hire Farnborough are presently recovering up to 90% of the waste that is got rid of within a 12 yard skip unit. To match the requirements of every customer, our Skip Hire Farnborough 12 yard maxi skips are usable for both short and stretched season hire.


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At Skip Hire Farnborough we are steady about the cost of our 12 yard skip hire is very competitive, making it an excellent option for a tremendous waste removal in Hampshire.

Our 12 yard skip hire at Skip Hire Farnborough measures approximately 13ft long, around 6.5ft wide and roughly 6.5ft high, causing it to be one of the bigger models you can obtain. At Skip Hire Farnborough our 12 yard skip is our most desired model for each and every industrial and commercial role due to its greater dimensions.

The high sides of the 12 yard skip from Skip Hire Farnborough means it is the perfetc model for accommodating large, bulky items such as construction decree.

At Skip Hire Farnborough our maxi 12 yard skip is capable of storing more or less 110 inky container packs of expels. When your skip is full, our adept piling team from Skip Hire Farnborough would be loading and remove your skip without the effort of intervention on your part.


At Skip Hire Farnborough our 12 yard skips are readily at hand for use by companies, the large dimensions make it perfect for large companies to manage their waste disposal.

If you still remain doubtful whether the 12 yard skip is the one you require, call one of Skip Hire Farnborough advisors today on 01252 265033 for further guidelines, suggestions and a free quote. For more information regarding our 12 yard skip, or any other units that Skip Hire Farnborough offer, give us a buzz immediately on 01252 265033 or give us a message at [email protected] for personalised advice.